Sunshine Partnerships is a community hub that brings people together. We are a cooperative that specializes in the art of planting seeds guerrilla-style. We are based in Venice, California.

Our mission is to create gardens throughout communities to educate and support health. The garden is a place for growing, learning, and coming together to enrich the life of all. By the creation of these spaces we will offer a place to play, and lead a more brilliant, healthy and creative lifestyle.

We're all in this together! Lets get growin'.



Natalie Flores
Natalie "Sunshine" Flores, President and Dreamer
Plant seeds in the earth and in the hearts and minds of the people you love, watch 'em grow.
I've lived in various places (Chandler, AZ, Venice, CA, Ocean Beach, San Diego, and Paia, HI), I've traveled far and wide and have had a vaierty of jobs. I'm convinced that the most magic happens when we bring people together for righteous causes. I've been a part of Good Karma Gardens (a pay it forward gardening movement in LA) and WWOOF association. Gardening bring us together, it helps remind us of our constant metamorphasis, provide us with medicine and nutritious food to eat and encourages healthy lifestyles. I want Sunshine Partnerships to go across the country bringing the masses together in hopes of inspiring the gardeners within us all!
Sarah Klein

Four years of gardens
Meditate with momma earth
To eat what I grow
Sarah Klein, Outreach and Treasurer
I grew up on the east coast, and have been enjoying life in Venice Beach for 10 years.  I've been mastering my green thumb skills for 4 years on gardens in Los Angeles and for a month in Ecuador.  Being able to grow food year round is so magical.  For 7 years I've been working with children with special needs, and along the way I've turned a few into gardeners.  I'm involved in Sunshine Partnerships to bring children, seniors and underprivileged communities together through educational gardening projects.  I believe that working with the earth is therapeutic for all walks of life, and so rewarding when you can eat the healthy delicious food that you grow.  I want to spread the magic and knowledge across the globe.

Charlotte Vanhaecke
Charlotte Vanhaecke Artist and Collaborater

I was born and raised in France and moved to the States in 2005. Gardening has always been a part of my life with my grandparents and my mom. A couple years ago I started growing herbs and vegetables inside my apartment. I decided to use my crafting skills and began building wood burned and painted garden boxes, which I sold at my local farmers market. Through the market, I met people and got involved in the gardening community in Venice/MarVista. I believe that knowing how to grow your own food should be one of the basic life skills for everybody. I got involved in Sunshine Partnerships to participate making the world a better place.

George Liebel
George Liebel
Landscaper and Wizard

Pete Maziak
Pete Maziak
, Web Manager

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